About Us

Thank you for a great field and box season!  We are currently updating our website and will have new dates for existing programs and adding a couple of new ones as well!  

Good Luck this spring and hope to see you around at one of our events in the near future!


Bearpaw Partners

At Bearpaw we run excellent lacrosse events where the experience is everything!
When you choose a Bearpaw event you can expect a great experience for the coaching staff, athletes and their families. We  work with some of the best facilities in the nation. We also partner with local organizations to grow the game knowing that grassroots is what it is all about and big corporate profits have no place in the Creators Game. When you choose to play in our events you can expect a high level of Bearpaw service from start to finish. With online registration and waivers, we have taken the hassle out of the process so that you can focus on your team.  At Bearpaw you can be assured that our events will be professionally run where you can focus on your team!