The Great Midwest Shootout
Sunday, September 30, 2018

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  • Turf Fields @ Grand Park!
  • 4 Game Minimum
  • Great Competition
  • College Coaches In Attendance

We are pleased to announce the 9th annual Great Midwest Shootout. This event is one of best run fall tournaments in the country held at the world class, Grand Park!  All games will be played on turf fields.  This tournament typically pulls in teams from all of the surrounding states (IL, MI, OH, KY, MO) for a chance to play teams you might not otherwise get a chance to.  Put your team together today for fast paced, high scoring 8 on 8 action.

Location: All games are on turf fields at the World Class Grand Park, 711 E 191st St, Westfield, IN 46074 (Website & Map)

8 v 8 Format:  3 Middies, 2 Attack, 2 Defenders and a Goalie.  We have added a midfielder for this year to better simulate the field game and for goalie safety.

Cost: $65.00 per player.  See details below.

Divisions: Bearpaw customizes its bracket creation based on placement calls with program directors. Some divisions may be combined to create the most appropriately grouped age + skill divisions.  If we combine divisions it will be under the US Lacrosse guidelines.  Players/Teams may play up a division but not down.

4 Boys Divisions:  Limited to 8 teams per division. 
HS Varsity A
HS Varsity B
Grades 7-8
Grades 5-6

1 Girls Division: Limited to 8 teams per division
HS Open

Registration is Open!

Attention Players: If you do not see your team that means your coach or team admin has not entered your team into the system.

  • Details
  • Field Map
  • Boys Rules
  • Girls Rules
  • Champions & Past Teams

Park Rules: Grand Park rules do not allow FOOD/BEVERAGES to be carried in to the park. Teams may set up in the designated areas. TEAMS may have small coolers in the park for HYDRATION ONLY at the field or their tents. Food purchased at the park may be served at the team tents. All other food must be consumed in the parking lots. NO GRILLS IN THE PARKING LOT

Concessions: Food and Drinks will be available at Grand Park.

First Aid:  2-3 certified athletic trainers will be on site.  See map for location.

 We do have coaches from NAIA, DII and DIII programs in attendance!  To get on the radar of the college coaches please fill out the convenient form when you register online for this event.  All Coaches in attendance will receive your info but you must be registered 1 week prior to the start date.

New for this year!
  If your HS team desires they can be coached by a college coach that is also there to recruit.  By having a college coach on your sidelines they can talk to your players with no restrictions.

Schedule: A full schedule will be available approximately 3-5 days prior to the event.  Once the schedule is finalized it will be emailed to all team contacts and posted on the website.  All games will be officiated by certified referees.

How To Register - All registrations are done online.  No more collecting waivers or figuring our who has paid.  The cost is $65.00 per player.    A team must have a minimum of 11 and we recommend a maximum of 15.    This year all players and coaches will register with our online registration system.  Coaches/Team administrations need to register for free to hold your teams spot.  As a coach or admin you can see your rosters, email the team and have full use of our online tools via our convenient system. 

Please book your hotel rooms by calling or emailing Amy Eicher – Client Services Manager T  317-927-5819   F  866-542-9416 Website:

Park Rules: Grand Park rules do not allow FOOD/BEVERAGES to be carried in to the park. Teams may set up in the designated areas. TEAMS may have small coolers in the park for HYDRATION ONLY at the field or their tents. Food purchased at the park may be served at the team tents. All other food must be consumed in the parking lots. NO GRILLS IN THE PARKING LOT.


Map coming soon

The Basics

  • 8 field players  (3m, 2a, 2d) and a goalie.  Goalie may go over, but must be replaced. The field is approx. 70 x 40 yards.
  • Every team is guaranteed at least 4 games and needs a team manager or coach, age 18 or older and out of High School, on their sidelines at all times.
  • Games will be approximately 20 min running halves with Certified referees for all levels.
  • Teams allowing non-roster or disqualified players to play will forfeit their game. If you have multiple teams registered players can only play for one team.
  • Only 3 Long Poles will be allowed on the field at all times. There will be no stick checks but the referee may perform them at their discretion.
  • All substitutions must occur on the fly.
  • All other rules not listed here will follow NFHS rules.
  • Each team is required to provide a scorekeeper.  They will have a table and chairs between the 2 teams.
  • Winning team must record the score at the table and have the referee radio in their score to the Head Quarters immediately after their game.


  • Faceoff at the beginning of each half. After a goal the goalie will start with the ball and will wait until the referee blows the whistle.
  • Attack & Defensive players must be at GLE to start all face-offs and they are not released until there is a posession call, Wing Middies with 1 foot on a sideline and are released on the whistle.


  • Each team has a 30 second time out in second half only. Game time runs during TO until 1 minute left in the game.  Last minute is stop time.

Penalties - Updated for 2018

  • Penalties will now be time serving.
  • Technical fouls will result in a fast break (3 v 2) starting at midfield.  Players not involved will stay 5 yards behind until the whistle.
  • Personal fouls will be time serving from 1-3 minutes depending on the infraction.
  • Fighting will result in the player being removed from the current game and the following one.  Players may also be removed from the tournament.

5 goal rule

  • If a team is down by 5 or more they will get a free clear. The trailing team may waive the free clear if they desire.

Body checking

  • Limited body checking is permitted in boys divisions 7-8 thru HS; however, no take-out checks are permitted by any player. A take-out check is defined as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put the other player on the ground.  Players may make contact in an upright position within 3 yards of the ball.
  • No body checking for 5-6 grade boys.  Equal pressure on any contact.


  • In the event of the tie, a Braveheart will be used to determine the winner.  Championship game will use 3 minute overtimes until a winner is declared.  There will be no break in between overtimes and no timeouts.
  • In a Braveheart, If a technical foul is called then the player will receive the ball at midfield (after the current play is over) with the defender starting 5 yards away.  If a personal foul is called then there will be a free shot with the ball starting at midfield.  If there is no goal the play will be immediately stopped and a faceoff will be taken.  There are no substitutions allowed during a Braveheart.

Tie Breakers

  • 2 Team Tie Breaker: 1. Head to head 2. Goals against 3. Goals scored (limited to 10) 4. Braveheart.
  • 3 or More Teams Tie Breaker: Best Record, 2. Goals against, 3. Goals scored (limited to 10), 4. Least goals against for tournament (among tied teams only, there must be equitable number of games for #1-3 to apply.) 5. Coin flip.

Tourney picts can be seen on our Facebook page

2017 Champions!

Girls HS Open = Valkyries
Boys 5-6 = Dragon
Boys 7-8 = Carmel 2022
Boys JV = Kentucky Elite
Boys HS B = C-Hawks
Boys HS A = Tango Sierra

Past Champions

2016 Champions!

  • Girls HS Open = Sacred Heart – KY
  • Boys Middle School = C-Hawks
  • Boys Junior Varsity = Tango Sierra
  • Boys Varsity B = Evansville Storm
  • Boys Varsity A = Tango Sierra Black – KY

2015 Champions!

  • Middle School = Hamilton Southeastern, Fishers, IN
  • Junior Varsity = Carmel, Carmel , IN
  • Varsity B – Summit City, Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Varsity A = Gateway, Indianapolis, IN

2014 Champions!

  • Varsity A = Baby Bedich, Indianapolis, IN
  • Varsity B = Hilliard Bradley, Hilliard, OH
  • Junior Varsity = Tango Sierra, Louisville, KY

2013 Champions!

  • Grades 7-8 – Hoosier Select
  • Junior Varsity – Noblesville
  • Varsity B – Summit City
  • Varsity A – Hamilton Southeastern

2012 Champions!

  • Grades 7-8 -Team Stickhead, Kentucky
  • Junior Varsity – Hoosier Select
  • Varsity B – Noblesville
  • Varsity A – Hamilton Southeastern

2011 Champions!

  • Varsity Division – Laxville, KY
  • JV Division – Laxville, KY

2010 Champions!

  • Varsity Division – Indy Elite
  • JV Division – Indy Elite
  • Grades 7-8 Division – North Side

Past Teams

Teams that have participated

Travel teams, town teams and teams made up just for this tournament are welcome!

  • Westfield
  • TNT
  • Red Wolves
  • Tango Sierra, Louisville, KY
  • St. Lurance, Chicago, IL
  • Roncalli, IN
  • Foundation, IN
  • Louisville Dawgs, KY
  • Northern Kentucky Grizzlies, KY
  • Hilliard Bradley, OH
  • Baby Bedich, IN
  • Hamilton Southeastern
  • Devil dogs, MI
  • Brebeuf
  • Team Stickhead, KY
  • Noblesville
  • Laxville, KY
  • Indy Elite
  • North Side, IN
  • Zionsville
  • Hoosier Select
  • Outlaws, OH
  • Center Grove HS
  • Bloomington, IN
  • Team Swagger
  • Bloomington, IL
  • Eagles, KY
  • Summit City, Ft Wayne IN
  • Fishers
  • Silver Bullets
  • Demon Dogs
  • North High School Evansville
  • Louisville Dawgs, KY
  • duPont Manual, KY
  • Concord
  • Indiana Lax
  • Edge, MO


Registration is Open!